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Looking for professional assistance to get the fire extinguisher of your care home serviced? Or need professional assistance regarding fire risk assessments at your care home? If yes, you surely have come to the right place. We at LS Fire Solution have been offering different sorts of fire solution related services for cars homes located in Berkshire. With over extensive years of experience in the related field, we are one of the most preferred choice for fire solutions for any type of care home located in Berkshire. Our team of professionals will help you keep your care home protected in all uncertain fire situations by offering you extravagant fire solutions in a precise manner. Our staff is available 24/7 for your assistance to ensure our customers get quality care services.

Legal Requirement

Fire safety training is one of the legal requirements for all your staff members. The level of fire safety training will vary depending on the size of your company and the inherent risks within your workplace.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You must keep a written record of your Fire Risk Assessment if your business has 5 or more employees. This must be reviewed annually

You are known as the Responsible Person

If there is more than one responsible person you will have to work together to meet your responsibilities.

The responsible person is often The Owner, An Employer, The Landlord, An Occupier

Anyone else with control of the premises: e.g. a Facilities Manager, Building Manager, Managing Agent or Risk Assessor.

It is the duty of the Responsible Person to ensure that they appoint a competent person to complete a suitable and efficient fire risk assessment.

We base the cost of our Fire Risk Assessments on the building and the nature of the business and ensure that we carefully match the competency and experience of the assessor to the job

The Fire Risk Assessment must be reviewed regularly to ensure it is up to date, with a new assessment being required if there has been a significant change or it is suspected that it is no longer valid.

Our system provides an email alert which allows you to manage your actions from your inbox – resulting in you always having a compliant, live and relevant risk assessment.

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